About Digital Bees

Digital Bees is the digital marketing arm of Pier 8 Group, an award-winning marketing firm that has been proudly serving Canadian businesses since 1986. As Pier 8 Group’s digital division, we’re responsible for all aspects of the company’s online marketing activities, including website design, email marketing, and digital content development.

Our goal at Digital Bees is to create websites for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations that are as stunningly beautiful and efficiently functional as the websites of much larger companies. One of the ways we do this is by starting with beautiful design themes that we’ve built with small businesses in mind. In our Design Gallery you’ll see website concepts for property developers, retail shops, restaurants, destination marketers, consultants and more. Each of these designs is pre-coded to make the customization process more efficient and to reduce the costs for you.

Let's Work Together

If you need a digital bee, or if you are a digital bee yourself, give us a buzz. We’d love to chat with you about working together.

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