Designing a Website That’s Perfect for You

Imagine a website that’s best-in-class for your industry. A website that’s so easy to update, you can do it yourself. Now imagine that website is yours!

Digital Bees can create a website for you that will deliver:

» A stunning design that that will wow your visitors and keep them involved and engaged with your website;

» A site that looks amazing on desktop and laptop computers, and equally awesome on the mobile devices that a majority of Canadians are now using to search for things on the internet;

» Plus an easy-to-use Content Management System that lets you update the website yourself, wherever you are, and whenever you want.

Sounds perfect, but can it do cool tricks?

A beautiful design and an easy-to-update site are great, but how about some other features too? Like photo and video galleries; image sliders; event calendars;  interactive web forms; a company blog; a member directory; product catalogs… and maybe even an online store?

All of these features and many more can be built into your website, giving you new ways to interact with your customers and followers online. They’ll be able to download reports and publications, browse a gallery of items you have for sale, and even make an online purchase. If you are a charity or non-profit, they’ll be able to make a donation to your cause, participate in a survey, or register for an upcoming event you are organizing. Plus lots of other cool things as well.

And then there’s the invisible stuff

The invisible stuff is all the stuff you don’t think about, but which is super important to your website success. We include it with virtually every website we create. Three things in particular:

  • Search engine optimization for every website page;
  • Security tools to protect your site from hackers and malicious bots; and,
  • Tools to identify your visitors and measure website traffic.

These tools make your website easier to find, secure it from hackers, and provide a treasure trove of useful marketing information about your prospects and customers.

Find your perfect website package

If you’re just starting out, we have three Starter Packages with features and price points to fit your budget. We also have three Business/Corporate Packages for companies that require more functionality and a little more marketing muscle.

Why WordPress?

Here at Digital Bees, our preferred website development platform is WordPress. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world today. Used by over 75 million websites, it’s supported by a world-wide developer community that’s constantly working improve it, to make it even more exciting, powerful and flexible in the future.

WordPress is an “open-source” website development system. There are no licensing fees to use it and, unlike certain “proprietary systems”, you aren’t locked into working with a single vendor. It also includes an easy-to-use content management system that allows you to edit your web pages whenever you want, without any assistance from outside developers like ourselves.

In addition to the savings you’ll enjoy by managing your own site, you’ll be able to keep your site up to date, even when you’re travelling or “on the road”. You can even leverage the power of “keywords” to make your web pages easier to find when people are doing searches for the things you do.